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As a legal advocate, Mr. Thompson seeks to ensure everyone has equal access to the legal system. He is a seasoned Family and Matrimony trial attorney, as well, has been able to settle many cases outside of Courtroom through the use of mediation.

About Harold L. Thompson

98% of cases are successfully settled

The Law Office of Harold L. Thompson is a firm that services Tulsa County and the Northeastern counties of Oklahoma. Over the last decade Mr. Thompson demonstrated mastery skills and expertise as the leading Matrimony and Child Custody attorney in Tulsa.

Through settlement conferences, negotiations, and mediation, every case does not go to trial. In fact, 98% of cases are successfully settled outside of court without the client going through the stress of a lengthy litigation. But, when a trial is necessary, our clients know they will receive focused and aggressive representation.



Most of us believe strongly in marriage and go in with open hearts. Yet the nationwide marriage rate hovers around 16.3 marriages per 1,000 residents. By comparison, Oklahoma ranked third in the nation for divorce rate at 3.9 divorces per 1,000 residents compared to a nationwide average of about 7.7 divorces per 1,000 residents. Most of us wish all marriages could be a success. For different reasons, some marriages are unable to move forward. Simply put, divorce is hard. It can create strong emotions such as fear and sometimes anger. Divorce will affect many parts of your life, such as your time with your children, your routine, and your income. To help you face divorce head on, you can make book an appointment with Attorney Harold L. Thompson.

Child Custody

When a family breaks up and there are young children involved, your divorce may become very litigious, and many times emotionally charged. Our Attorneys understands it is what ‘s in the child’s best interest that is important. We will fight to protect your rights to your children and a strong advocate of settling custody issues through the mediation process. However, if mediation is not successful, clients can expect Attorney Harold L. Thompson to vigorously advocate for them in court.


A Final Decree can, and often does provide stability on a temporary basis. The Decree should stabilize the Child Custody issues. However, a Decree is rarely permanent. If you or the other party have experienced a serious change to your life, then your Decree may now be unworkable. This can be true when there is a change of residence, change of job, or change of living status. Attorney Harold L. Thompson will fight for you and your best interests in the Modification.


Paternity can be a complex subject. This is true whether you and the other parent have a good relationship or not. In your Paternity case, Our Team will zealously advocate for you to see to obtain an optimal outcome. In the end, both you and the other parent will have resolved the major issues between you. Those major issues will likely include Child Custody and Child Support. Attorney Harold L. Thompson is prepared to mediate or litigate all issues you may have regarding your Paternity case.

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This may be Many clients first legal experience, our goal is to make that experience as painless and seamless as possible. Throughout your case Mr. Thompson will zealously represent your interests and explain the process in detail so that you have a full understanding of the law involved, allowing you to make intelligent decisions regarding your case.


Hear what our customers have to say

you were amazing

I was very blessed to have you as my Lawyer you did an amazing job thank you so much for all you did we will be using again.

Posted by WARREN March 11, 2019

Harold worked with me thru all phases of my divorce. I was impatient at times and he understood, provided me with sound legal advice assured me that things were progressing and was a friend through it all. I do and did appreciate his representation thru this needless nightmare.

Posted by Bob April 17, 2018

Harold was called onto the case at the last minute. He did a very good job coming up to speed with the past history as well as the present issues. Due to his knowledge and perseverance, Harold was able to save myself from paying $30k in requested arrears. I highly recommend Harold for family law.

Posted by Brandt November 8, 2017

He did not try to nickle and dime me like the other attorneys and informed me of his FLAT rate and worked with me on payment options. His process to get things started was straight forward and to the point. He started working immediately and was more knowledgeable and more insightful than other attorneys.

Posted by Sheeyen Vue April 30, 2020

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